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Organizations that support seafarers’ welfare worldwide

ICMA – International Christian Maritime Association
IMO – International Maritime Organization
AOS-USA – the professional membership association of Catholic Mariners and Maritime Ministers
Apostleship of the Sea/USCCB – the national office of AOS at the United States Council of Catholic Bishops
​Apostleship of the Sea/Canada Region 
AOS worldwide directory
Center for Seafarers’ Rights offers free legal assistance to merchant seafarers and is sponsored by SCI NY/NJ.
The Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre – aims to enrich knowledge and understanding of the vital roles of maritime industries and commercial shipping in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the global environment.
Mission to Seafarers Canada Region
ITF – International Transport Workers Federation
ISWAN – International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network
NAMEPA – the North American Marine Environment Protection Association
PMI – Port Ministries International

Helpful Reports and Articles

Sailors’ Society releases free Wellness at Sea app for seafarers (27 April 2016)
International Port Welfare Partnership Pilot Project Overview
2108 Center for Seafarers Rights Shore Leave Survey Form
ITF Trust report on port-based welfare workers for seafarers(2007).
“Security of Maritime Facilities” – the regulations of U.S. Coast Guard document 33 (CFR)
“Caring for Crew: A Survey of of U.S. Port Support for Seafarers’ Missions” (2004) was published by Seafarers’ House, Ft. Lauderdale ( This was a comprehensive study of ways port governments support their respective seafarers’ missions. Data was collected over 18 months from 56 maritime missions operating in 86 ports throughout the US. The publication is of value as a tool to develop support for port missions by their respective port authorities.
A sample of TWIC Escort Training and Seafarer Access program by Jim Von Dreele, April, 2009 (.pdf/.doc). Local ministries may adapt this program to their local setting as a way to certify that all those providing transportation for seafarer shore leave have been trained as TWIC escorts.
In October 2012, Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) released a study on the psychological impact of piracy on seafarers.  While incidents of piracy decline off the Horn of Africa, an inestimable number of seafarers continue to bear the psychological impact of captivity by pirates.

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