Alpha for Seafarers


Alpha for Seafarers is a program that is offered by Chaplain Eric Phinney of the Saint John Seafarers Mission, Saint John, NB and board member of Alpha Canada.

The Alpha Course has been taken by over 27 million people in the world as of 2015 and is used by virtually every Christian denomination in the world. Alpha is a series of 15 talks that give participants the opportunity to explore questions about faith in a relevant way and a friendly environment.

Alpha has refreshed its course with beautiful new videos and, with the generous approval of Alpha Canada, we can provide the whole course content with subtitles on a handy USB made for seafarers on the move.

If you would like to distribute Alpha for seafarers, you can order copies of the USB key here that include all videos and study guides.  As Chaplain Phinney explains the program, this is not a tool for proselytism, but rather one to encourage conversations with those seafarers who already express a desire for spiritual encouragement and with whom chaplains and ship visitors have formed relationships.

We encourage seafarers to discuss the material in a group on board, if possible, and to find a ​church back home that is running Alpha to participate in the Alpha Retreat.

Included on the USB key is a leader’s guide with additional instructions and questions. A template letter of introduction that Chaplain Phinney has written is also provided.  The USB contains a letter from the leader of Alpha for the Philippines, Hanniel Fernandez.

If you would like to know more about how Alpha can be used for seafarers, please contact:

Rev. Eric Phinney
Chaplain – Port Saint John, Canada

Call Today: (514) 993-6528