NAMMA Conference 2017



Program for NAMMA Annual Conference 2017​

Wednesday, August 9

Session 1 – Legal, Government and Corporate Perspectives
Douglas B. Stevenson, Director, SCI Center for Seafarers’ Rights
“Seafarers’ Welfare, Shore Leave, and the MLC, 2006”

Christian Mollitor, Vice President, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR)
“Seafarers’ Welfare in the Liberian Registry”

Kevin Humphries, Business Development Manager – Americas, Wärtsilä
“Mariner Safety from Equipment Manufacturer Perspective”

Session 2 – Labor and Government Perspectives
David Heindel
Secretary-Treasurer, Seafarers’ International Union

CAPT Wayne R Arguin
Sector Commander, USCG Sector New Orleans

Session 3 – Training and Care of Staff and Volunteers
Rev. Mr. Paul Rosenblum, Chaplain, Apostleship of the Sea, Charleston Seafarers’ Center
“Self Care and Ship Visiting”

Rev. Philip Vandercook, Chaplain and Executive Director, Global Maritime Ministries
“Caring for Staff and Volunteers in Maritime Ministry”

Rev. Maggie Whittingham-Lamont
Canada Regional Director, Mission to Seafarers and Chaplain, Mission to Seafarers – Halifax, NS
“Interns and the Future of Maritime Ministry”

Session 4 – Seafarers’ Welfare: A Personal Story
Shwe Tun Aung- ITF Inspector, Houston

(documentary film available later this year)

Thursday, August 10
Session 5- Resources for Seafarers’ Welfare   
Mr. Luca Tommasi, Project Manager, ITF Seafarers’ Trust
“The Seafarers’ Trust and New Challenges for Maritime Welfare Work”

Dr. Michael Skaggs, Director of Programs, NAMMA
“New Programs for Maritime Ministry”

Dr. Jason Zuidema, Executive Director, NAMMA
“Developments in the Projects and Plans of NAMMA”

Session 6
CAPT (Chaplain) Gregory N. Todd, Chaplain of the United States Coast Guard
“Chaplaincy and Self-Care: Lessons from the Field”

Session 7
Dr. Loretta G. Rivers, Professor of Social Work, New Orleans Baptist Seminary
“Professional Self Care: workplace stress and compassion fatigue”

Friday, August 11
Session 9 – Seafarers’ Welfare Around the World
Fr. Bruno Ciceri, Director, Apostleship of the Sea
Chairman, International Christian Maritime Association
“The Apostleship of the Sea: A Century of Service”

Regina Borges de Paulo, Chaplain, Sailors’ Society, Rio de Janeiro
“Seafarers’ Welfare in Brazil”

The Revd. Canon Stephen Miller, Senior Chaplain, The Mission to Seafarers, Hong Kong, Regional Director, Mission to Seafarers – East Asia
“The Mission to Seafarers in East Asia: Plans and Partnerships”


 New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center Hotel



Conference Introduction and Registration​

The 2017 NAMMA conference was one of this year’s largest and most diverse gathering of seafarers’ welfare providers in the world.  With participation by members from a variety of backgrounds and diverse experience, this conference encouraged further work and equiped for better work. The theme of this year’s conference focused on care of seafarers.


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