For more than two centuries, seafarers’ missions in ports around the world have been helping seafarers celebrate Christmas at sea. Throughout the year these organizations welcome seafarers for a visit to a seafarers’ centre, provide an Internet connection to contact their families, and offer a friendly welcome in a foreign port. Since seafarers are far from family during the holiday period, these organizations also share gifts with seafarers as a sign of thanks for their hard work to deliver the goods that we need to celebrate our holiday traditions. These gifts are delivered by seafarers’ welfare organizations from late November to early January, depending on when ships are in port. In a time of global pandemic, it is especially important for seafarers to get this acknowledgement that we remember their work. Seafarers’ welfare organizations around the world are collecting gift items and donations so that this year’s holiday celebrations can reach as many seafarers as possible. See the list below to learn more about how you can get involved in your local seafarers’ welfare organization: