From the beginnings of seafarers’ welfare work over two centuries ago, volunteers have been essential to its ongoing success. In the past decades, however, patterns of voluntarism have been changing, leading to increased questions about how to engage and retain volunteers.  This seminar will examine these changing patterns and learn from volunteering experts and those with experience about best practice. What will the seafarers’ welfare volunteers of the next generation look like?

Feb. 21, 2017
Session 1 – Volunteer Experience and Best Practice
– Lesley Warrick, Seafarers House, Port Everglades
– Helene Pierson, Seamen’s Church Institute, Philadelphia
– Bobby Fuller, Texas Port Ministry, Freeport, Texas

Session 2 – Trends in Volunteering
– Mr. Cameron Waldner, CEO of Volunteer Houston
– chapel service at Houston International Seafarers Center – sermon of Jason Zuidema

Feb. 22, 2017
Session 3
– Doreen Badeaux, AOS-USA
– Rev. Lance Lukin, Mission to Seafarers, New Zealand
– Michael Skaggs, NAMMA

Session 4
 Jason Zuidema, NAMMA

lunch and seminar at WGMA
– Mr. Patrick Cooney, Senior Counsel at Royston & Rayzor

Feb. 23, 2017
– presentation text of Jason Zuidema at the NAMEPA Finding Solutions​ event

Seminar Room
West Gulf Maritime Association
1717 Turning Basin Dr., 2nd Floor
Houston, Texas, 77019